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V-Pamper™ : Ultimate Post Brazilian Treatment

V-Pamper™ service targets and heals multitude of skin conditions around bikini area and is the ultimate post Brazilian treatment that WAXOXO developed in house

* This service is best performed 5-10 days after your Brazilian sugaring / wax

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TOP REASONS Clients Choose V-Pamper™.

Bikini Girl - Silouttee for V-Pamper at WAXOXO
  • Remove Ingrown Hair

    V-Pamper™ helps you put an end to ingrown hair once and for all.

  • Cleanse Pores

    Exfoliate dead skin, cleanse your pores, and kill unwanted bacteria.

  • Blackhead Extraction

    No one likes blackheads! Blackhead and whitehead extraction is part of your V-Pamper™ service.

  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation

    V-Pamper™ targets hyperpigmentation and helps in its reduction.

  • Treats Inflammation

    Bio Complex organic masques used in V-Pamper™ are pure organic extracts that treats inflammation as ancient botanists did in Europe.

  • Brighten Skin

    100% organic products that brightens, hydrates & skin the skin.

  • Detoxifying

    Toxins are No. 1 reason for skin issues. V-Pamper™ targets toxins and eliminate them using special products developed for sensitive areas.

  • Hydrates Skin

    Stone crop plant based masques are designed to help skin regain the hydration and keep it hydrated.

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Your V-Pamper Journey

Here's what you can expect for your V-Pamper Service.