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Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Q: I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment. What should I do?

WAXOXO asks for at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change your appointment. For any cancellations/rescheduling within 24 hours of your service , a 30% of regular service price will be applied to your account. You can log-into your profile online to reschedule your appointment or cancel it. You can also email at

No Show Policy

Q: What if I don't show for my appointment?

No-show is not showing up for your appointment without calling or emailing ahead that you will be late for your appointment. Under no show status, 50% of regular service price will be added on to you account.

Late Show Policy

Q: I am running late. What should I do?

If you are running late, the X-Pert® with do their best to accommodate you, however, your full service may not be guarantee. You might have to wait at the wax bar for your service appointment.

Male Brazilian / Manzilian Policy

Our policy is to keep services safe and functional for both the client and our X-Perts®, so it is important to state that we only perform male Brazilian when your groin area is flaccid.This is a policy for several reasons, including the safety of our client and our X-Perts®.

The increased blood flow, heat, and sensitivity can be detrimental to the integrity of the client’s skin. It is a top priority to have our clients leave their services with beautiful, smooth, healthy skin. Just as we do not perform hair removal on clients who are taking accutane, we do not perform hair removal on areas with increased blood flow.

We know that most men fear getting an increased blood flow during a male Brazilian. We can assure you, that blood flow is natural and do occur, they usually don’t last after the service has started. If you do get an increased blood flow, please be assured that our staff are professionals and will not judge or belittle you.

If a client experiences an increased blood flow during their service, the X-Pert® can continue hair removal around the area until blood flow in groin area return to a flaccid state. In cases where increased blood flow persists, our X-Pert® will end and the client can rebook for another time when they think they will be better prepared for their service.

Thank you for your understanding and respectful behaviour.

Etiquette Policy

WAXOXO Sugaring WaxBar employees are licensed professionals, trained to become X-Perts® in the art of sugaring, waxing, organic skin care and V-Pamper®. Any indication of improper behavior or sexual suggestion will result in immediate termination of current and future services with any WAXOXO Sugaring Waxbar staff, events, or facilities, and possibly result in legal action or prosecution.