Gold standard in laser hair removal that you can trust.

So imagine this: You come for your laser ... settle in .. and think about one thing - Getting the BEST in laser hair removal!

Experience The Best - Guaranteed Results.

It is in fact, the biggest "Ah-ha!" experience!

Using Vectus® Laser at WAXOXO, we achieve results in less sessions as compared to any other lasers.
You won't really believe us ... until you see it all for yourself!

"GOLD" Standard in Laser Hair Removal

Less Sessions, Real Results & Cost Savings!!

LaserLyfe™ -
Unlimited Laser Hair Removal

Unlimited Touchups. - Guranteed Results!


Lifetime Laser At One Price

No Hidden Costs

Never Pay For Touchups Again

What Is LaserLyfe™?

With WAXOXO's “LaserLyfe™ - Unlimited Lifetime Laser” package, you pay only once in your lifetime a LOW price for unlimited laser sessions for your chosen body part.

Laser hair removal takes about seven to ten sessions for you to become hair-free. As your body changes, you may re-grow some of the hair that were initially completely removed with laser hair removal due to aging or hormonal changes.

For women, your hormonal changes, activity level, menopause, pregnancy etc., can stimulate hair re-growth.

“LaserLyfe™ - Unlimited Lifetime Laser” package is your Lifetime Guarantee for a Hair-Free Body.

How LaserLyfe™ Works?

When you choose LaserLyfe™, you pay only once for laser and get unlimited sessions.

You can choose to pay upfront or get financing up-to 24-months with low interest rate. (Get approved within 3 minutes!)

With LaserLyfe™

  • You choose your body or combos and pay once for unlimited sessions
  • You can choose to pay UPFRONT or a LOW monthly payment for up-to 24-months for your chosen body parts
  • PAY as low as $35/month on approved credit with interest as low as at 8.0%
  • Get qualification for your laser payments within 3 minutes with a third party approver. Pay at your own pace!

Flexible payment plans. Pay as low as $35/month on approved credit.


WAXOXO™ Laser Memberships

How do you save more consistently on laser? - The Answer is our laser membership!


Here's the deal. So we've developed the next best thing in Laser Cost Savings. We created "All You Ever Need" laser hair removal membership that gives you access to TONS of savings and perks.

LaserMo Membership

$150 /every month for 6 months only

Pick any one of the below five body areas and pay for 6 sessions in 6 months and your membership lasts one year.

Then come for your service every 4-8 weeks until you have completed 6 sessions for that area.

Now, if you need to laser two or more body areas as a member, you can pick another body area at the same time and get 30% off on that service. Thats It!

Choose Anyone Of These 5 Areas:
Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal (Including between the cheeks), Full Face Laser Hair Removal, Half Legs Laser (Upper Or Lower), Full Arms Laser (Including fingers)

Membership Perks:

  • Get 30% OFF on all other laser hair removal areas
  • Get 10% of your product purchase as gift card to be redemeed for any service.
  • Up-to 50% OFF of on any Waxing, Sugaring hair removal, V-Pamper and Organic Skin Care.