Ingrown Pubic Hair : Treating & Preventing With Laser

Ingrown Pubic Hair : Treating & Preventing With Laser

Posted On: | January 17, 2022

Treat pubic Ingrown Hair Problem With laser hair removal at waxoxo laser and sugaring hair removal in Mississauga Ontario

Picture this: You just went in for your brazilian waxing hair removal appointment at your favourite wax bar, but those pesky ingrown hair still seem to be there? I am sure many of the readers will agree that they dont want to end up in this situation ever and ingrown pubic hair is a problem that most of us suffer at some point.

I mean who wants that! Last thing you want is some pesky ingrown hair after you just waxed on your new shiny va-jay-jay!

For those who don’t want their shiny new va-jay-jay ending up in this mess, here are the questions you need answered.

It covers everything in laser hair removal for ingrown hair or brazilian laser hair removal ingrown issues.

How Ingrown Pubic Hair are treated with Laser At Waxoxo Laser and Sugaring Wax Bar

Why do people get ingrown hairs?

According to WebMd The term ingrown hair is generally used to describe a hair that starts to grow inside your skin and doesn’t come out. In the beginning, it curves inside the skin and usually causes itchiness, boils or a rash around the area where it is located. There may be a build up of puss in severe cases, and there may be serious pain in the local area.


  • Ingrown hairs can be caused by a certain type of high-sex hormone
  • When you have thick, curly hair
  • And you don’t remove the dead skin cells. (Poor hygiene)

Can I get laser hair removal if I have a lot of ingrown hairs?

Yes! In-fact the only best way to remove ingrown hairs is to use laser hair removal. This problem will disappear after a few laser sessions. Scrub your skin every week, two to three days before your laser session, to help hair come out.

In a nutshell, laser hair removal targets straight to the cause of the problem, literally. As a result of the laser energy being absorbed by the hair follicle, it is unable to produce hair even if it was previously producing hair.

Every time the hair follicle is treated, it shrinks, so the hair it can produce is finer and lighter in color. That prevents ingrown hairs from ever occurring in the first place. To do this, one must destroy the follicles. Hair follicles cannot be grown back once they are destroyed.

While achieving 100% hair freedom isn’t possible, you can expect to see up-to 95% hair reduction in the treated area. This is why some refer to it as laser hair reduction instead of removal

Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs and bumps as well as discolouration of the skin caused by ingrown hairs. It is a quick and painless procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Treats Ingrown Hair Problem Very Effectively.


Is laser hair removal better than waxing or sugaring hair removal?

Now waxing and sugaring is safe and has many advantages. But the truth is that many of us don’t care for our va-jay-jays (especially if you’re not dating!). I want to be completely honest with you and tell you that you should not have this problem if you regularly do brazilian sugaring or brazilian wax removal, and exfoliate often.

Laser hair removal is 100% effective for treating ingrown pubic hair

However, as we discussed previously, some people have certain types of hair and hormones that make ingrown hairs pesky and difficult to remove.

If you have been struggling to get rid of ingrown hairs even after multiple visits to your favourite waxing salon, a Brazilian Laser hair removal Cost is completely justified.

Laser does fix the problem that waxing and sugaring hair removal cannot.

Ingrown pubic hair? Schedule a free consultation for laser hair removal

Ingrown hair sufferers should stop wasting money on creams and topical remedies that don’t work. Laser hair removal can provide a quick and effective solution. Keep in mind, however, that not all lasers are created equal, nor are all lasers suitable for all types of skin. If you are seeking such treatment, do your research and read reviews before scheduling your consultation.

At Waxoxo, schedule your free consultation and get a free Skintel analysis that will determine the “exact” amount of laser your skin needs.