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About Us

WAXOXO has been in the ever-growing waxing and sugaring industry for nine years and we know that there’s always something new to learn.

It’s that commitment to excellent service that drives WAXOXO to continue providing the best quality waxing, sugaring and skin care treatments in the GTA.

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154 Queen Street South, Unit 104
Mississauga, ON

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Email: info@waxoxo.com
Call: 1-416-825-5446

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Our Story

It all started with our desire to explore the world and to learn more about the esthetic industry. We were amazed to see how many different styles there were to provide the same services.

We quickly learned the importance of using proper technique.

The best businesses in this industry aren’t just good, they knew how to combine high-quality products with proven techniques. We combined all the best techniques from different countries and paired them with the best products to create a unique and high-quality service for our clients in the waxing and sugaring industry.

And we practiced for another nine years before opening WAXOXO.

We mastered our techniques and created a service standard that we refined and perfected while working at some of the top beauty salons in both Dubai and Canada.

We never compromise on service quality.

WAXOXO uses the best products for waxing, sugaring, organic facials, and V-Pampers®. Our core value is to provide lasting results using proven processes that offer you the same consistent experience every time you visit our sugaring and wax bar.

All of our products are handpicked, our team members are trained to become service standard X-Perts, and we strive to provide you with a luxurious experience.

Our X-Perts® go through extensive training

X-Perts® are provided extensive training to learn the values and techniques that WAXOXO was founded on, never compromising on hygiene, technique, and the client experience.


Premium waxbar experience with savings for your wallet

WAXOXO has designed its services to give its clients great rewards and benefits while they experience a variety of organic facial, sugaring, and waxing services in Toronto.

Hygiene as benchmark standard

We take hygiene very seriously. That means no double-dipping, never compromising on cleanliness, and never cutting corners.

Rigorous training for our team / X-Perts®

Our X-perts® are trained in our proprietary methods and processes to offer you the same consistent, professional and friendly service.

We are organic lovers

WAXOXO offers fully organic brands for your skin treatments. They are extracted from plants to provide premium, natural skin rejuvination for you.

WAXOXO Front Reception Area